The Advocacy Committee works on state-directed national water infrastructure in Haiti. As a medical education organization, we believe that medicine should be evidence-based. Epidemiology was founded on the idea that understanding the origin and transmission of a disease are essential to preventing it. Responding to water-borne illnesses in an evidence-based way requires preventing such diseases in the first place. Securing the right to health cannot be accomplished without achieving the right to water.

The Committee currently briefs the United Nations on its role and responsibility in improving Haiti’s water security. It also works with diplomats and government officials of Haiti and its allies. Additionally, the Committee serves as a scientific liaison and translator for the UN and US Congress, helping officials understand how scientific evidence on the introduction of cholera into Haiti can help inform revisions to UN medical screening, waste, and sanitation protocols.

In addition to advising the UN and governments, the Committee’s works and writings have been presented at international conferences and published in various collections.

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