Carlo Louis-Charles
Program Coordinator, MSW

Carlo has worked a Program Coordinator for EqualHealth since 2013. He was the first Haiti-based member of our team. Carlo is a trained social worker and spent four years working with children and youth infected or affected by HIV/AIDS at the Rainbow House (a local NGO).
He worked as a Trainer and Coach in Leadership and Management for projects directed by Management Sciences for Health-Haiti. Building on his facilitation skills strengthening leadership and management teams, he has participated in the implementation of  implementation programs, including the implementation of the LDP-Youth which was held for the first time in the world in Haiti.
Carlo gained skills in specialized education at the Center for Popular Education, where was an essential staff member following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. There he trained more than 2,000 youth in facilitation techniques and psychosocial group activities in the metro-Port-au-Prince area. Carlo earned his degree at the State University of Haiti.