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Educator Training and Professional Development

Educator training & professional development


Effective teachers and mentors are a key piece of a sustainable medical education system. At EqualHealth, we help Haitian medical professionals develop the teaching skills they need to be excellent teachers as well as providers. We also strive to encourage knowledge sharing and the transfer of best practices by connecting professionals with their peers from around the country and the world. 


Annual Conference

Since 2011, EqualHealth has held Haiti's largest and longest-running continuing medical education conference in Port-au-Prince each year, allowing health professionals to access learning and networking opportunities that are otherwise rarely available. Past conferences have focused on themes such as Interdisciplinary Collaboration, helping participants to build a variety of complimentary skills. We are looking forward to continuing to grow the conference in Winter 2016--and beyond. 


Designed to provide medical and nursing educators working in low-resource settings with the skills they need to become the best teachers they can be, our innovative Teach the Teacher program gives participants a foundation in educational best practices and provides them with ongoing feedback and support as they incorporate these practices into their teaching. In 2014, the curriculum was approved by the Haitian Ministry of Health's Director of Training as well as the Dean of the Haitian State Medical School through the Academic Directorate.