The Marshall Wolf Medical Education Fellowship offers of Haiti’s most promising young physicians one-year training experience to prepare them to be effective leaders in the field of medical education. 

Vision: This program reflects EqualHealth’s long-term vision of a Haitian medical education system that is both high-quality and self-sustaining.  It also draws upon the educational resources of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Department of Medicine, which has an unparalleled track record of innovation in the field of medical education.  The fellowship is named in honor of Dr. Marshall Wolf, a tireless supporter of excellence in medical education, both at BWH and in Haiti.

Who should apply: Practicing physicians in Haiti who have completed a non-surgical residency, and who are currently working at a Haitian teaching hospital. 

Timing: Varies: Typically the fellowship runs durin the academic year from October - September.
With on-site training in Boston in October, January, and May .

Boston-based seminars and externships
Teaching experiences
Educational project
Attendance at an international conference with the goal of presenting project research
Participation in the Harvard Macy Education Course



The application, are currently closed.

Application requirements include :

Current CV
Active medical license

Two letters of recommendation written by mentors, colleagues, or students who are well-acquainted with your work as a teacher and can speak to how you will benefit from participating in the Fellowship. 
A signed and completed copy of the application, which outlines the responsibilities of the Fellow. 
Personal statement. In English, maximum two single spaced pages.
The statement should include the following elements: 
A summary of your experience as a teacher and what you have learned about how to be an       effective teacher. Please include where and whom you have taught. 
A description of your greatest strengths as a teacher and as a leader and the ways in which you would most like to improve as a teacher and as a leader.
An explanation of how you use the Fellowship training to improve the education of your colleagues and trainees in Haiti?

A description of an educational project you would like to implement at your home institution
Projects examples include: designing and teaching a new or revised course/clerkship or residency rotation; creating a faculty development program; introducing or enhancing professional rewards for healthcare educators.

Please contact info@equalhealth.org with inquiries.





I. October 2018: Introductory Study and Academic Externship - Boston
The Fellowship will begin with a three-week intensive learning experience in Boston, MA (tentative start date: October 15, 2018). 
·      Participate in discussion sessions and reading/writing assignments on topics relevant to a career in academic medicine
·      Participate in regular Department of Medicine educational activities (including morning report, noon conference, and journal club) at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Boston Medical Center
·      Meet with expert teachers and administrators in the field of medical education
·      Engage in additional learning experiences at other Harvard institutions including Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School
·      Conceptualize initial planning for a legacy project at the Wolf Fellow’s home institution in Haiti

II. November 2018 – January 2019: Teaching and Program Implementation - Haiti
·      Serve as a dedicated clinician educator at Haiti-based home institution playing a central role in the education of colleagues and trainees at their institution while also serving as a member of the medical staff.
·      Participate in EqualHealth’s annual conference in Port-au-Prince in November, 2018
·      Co-teach a course with an EqualHealth visiting professor in Haiti
·      Develop legacy project, either an educational initiative for their institution or a research project for their institution in the field of medical education

III. January 2019*: US-based training session - Boston (or other city--pending training)
·      Participate in mentorship meetings during this trip to Boston
·      Structured training-- pending Fellow's specific interest (dates flexible)

IV. February – April 2019: Haiti-Based Teaching and Program Implementation - Haiti
·      Continue role as a dedicated clinician educator at home institution
·      Begin implementation of their Macy home institution project

V. May 2019*:US-based training session - Boston
·      Participate in mentorship meetings during this trip to Boston
·      Structured training-- pending Fellow's specific interest (dates flexible)

VI. June-September 2019: Haiti-Based Teaching and Program Implementation - Haiti
·      Continue role as a dedicated clinician educator at home institution
·      Complete implementation of legacy project, conduct data collection and analysis, and prepare the results for submission to an international conference
·      Serve as an instructor in EqualHealth’s Social Medicine Course in Haiti in July 2019

*Flexible dates-- pending fellow's interests and training availability