Interested in donating medical supplies, textbooks, or other items to the cause? Please check the list below to see what our Haitian partners have requested. Contact with any questions, or to make a donation. 



Our current top-priority wish list is available here

Other Requests:


  • Tools for Teaching. Barbara Gross Davis. Jossey Bass, 1993
  • Curriculum development for Medical Education: A six-Step Approach. David E. Kern, Patricia A. Thomas, Donna M. Howard. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010
  • What the best college teachers do. Ken Bain, Harvard University Press, 2004
  • Education for Judgment: The artistry of Discussion Leadership by C. roland Christensen, David A. Garvin Ann Sweet.
  • Teaching and the Case Method: Text, Cases, and readings. Louis B. Barnes, C. Roland Christensen, Abby J. Hansen. 1994
  • How talk so people will listen: Connecting in today’s marketplace. Hamlin S. HarperCollins, 2006
  • Epidemiology. Leon Gordis. Saunders. 2013
  • Designing Clinical Research: an Epidemiologic approach. Dr. Stephen B Hulley MD MPH and Steven R Cummings MD. LWW; 2013

On-Line learning:
Instructional Design in Palliative Care
Center to Advance Palliative care ( CAPC Campus Online (E-Learning Course): Education

Education Scholarship/Peer Review Materials:
MedEDPortal (medical school)
Pogoe (geriatrics)
Journal of Palliative Medicine—Clinical Educator Series

  • Using Grand Rounds as an Instrument of Culture Change; December 2010
  • Teaching Small Groups: January 2011
  • Providing Feedback: February 2011
  • Teaching Communication Skills using Role-Play; June 2011