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Our Staff and Leadership Committees

Our Leadership Team

Leadership and Staff

Founding Co-Director: Michelle Morse, MD
Founding Co-Director: Zadok Sacks, MD 
Executive OfficerCasey Fox 
Managing Director: Jennifer Goldsmith, MS, MEd 
Program Manager and Country DirectorCarlo Louis-Charles, MSW
Human Resources and Internship CoordinatorJuliette Flam 


ChairErica Felker-Kantor, MA, MSPH
Visiting Professor Program Monitoring and Evaluation Leadership, PIHJaviera Ibacache
Visiting Professor Program Monitoring and Evaluation Leadership, UniFABrad Padilla
Visiting Professor Program Monitoring and Evaluation Leadership, St. Boniface HospitalJoeeta Chowdhury
Teach the Teacher Program Monitoring and Evaluation LeadershipAnnemarie Catanzaro


Chairs: Grace Riley and Marjorie LaCombe 
Wit Davis, DO, MPH, MS
Jay Bhatt, DO
Leon David, MA
Charlotte Davis, MA
Linda Li, Communications Intern
Jessica Akimova, Outreach and Development Intern

Nursing leadership COMMITTEE

Jill Caporiccio, RN, BSN
Annie Lewis-O'Connor, NP, PhD
Kettie Louis, DNP
Kerry Quealy, FNP

Nadia Raymond, MSN, MHA, RN


Chair: James Hudspeth, MD
Jill Caporiccio, RN, BSN
Laura Corbett, PA
Kerry Quealy, FNP
Linda Jérôme Lubin, DDS, Medical Education Coordinator


Haitian Creole Tutors
Haitian Creole Course Director - Boston: Roxane Handal, MD, MA, MPH
Haitian Creole Course Director - Miami: Jessica Brosch 
Haitian Creole Tutor: Marsha Guillaume

Translation Team

Erica Felker-Kantor, Haitian and French Translation Intern
Megan Nestor, Haitian Translation Intern
Mari Pierre Surpris, French Translation Intern
Nicholas Geron, French Translation Intern
Catherine Curtis, French Translation Intern
Bawoyeu Doulgue, French Translation Intern
Shilpa Thakar, French Translation Intern
Camille Coquoz, French Translation Intern
Josepth Wendelken, French Translation Intern
Maxence Salendre, French Translation Intern
Guerrechon Charelain, French Translation Intern
Rayna Allonce, French Translation Intern
Dillon Kasson, French Translation Intern

Translation Supervisor: Safira Amazan 
Agathe Streiff, French Translation Intern
Elodie Furcy, French Translation Intern
Claire Hartung, French Translation Intern
Ingrid Maurice, French Translation Intern
Matt Wilson, French Translation Intern
Safira Amazan, French and Haitian Creole Translation Intern
Sonya Bach, French Translation Intern
Panayotta Delinois, French Translation Intern
Jacqueline McNabb, French Translation Intern
Christell Dossous, Haitian Translation Intern
Brittany Galvin, Haitian Translation Intern