Our Inaugural Health Equity Heroes

On May 4, 2019 EqualHealth will honor four outstanding nursing leaders who have had a profound impact on our work. Jill Caporiccio, Annie Lewis-O'Connor, Kettie Louis and Nadia Raymond will be presented with our inaugural Health Equity Hero awards by our Trustee Dr. Paul Farmer. Our Health Equity Heroes have each guided the development of EqualHealth over the past eight years, and through their visionary leadership, we have truly embraced the critical value of interprofessional collaboration and training.


Jill Caporiccio, BSN, an emergency room nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital, is a founding member of EqualHealth. Through her work in Ghana and Haiti and her deep commitment to equity in patient care, she has contributed significantly to the development of nursing curricula for EqualHealth’s educational programs.


Annie Lewis-O’Connor, MSN MPH PhD, is a pediatric and obstetrics & gynecology nurse practitioner and a sexual assault nurse examiner practicing at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is the founder and director of the BWH’s Women’s Coordinated Approach Recovery & Empowerment Clinic and holds faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and Boston College, where she teaches on violence prevention and intervention. Annie serves as a board member at EqualHealth, where she is deeply engaged in research on nursing education in Haiti.


Kettie Louis, DNP, is an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Boston University School of Medicine practicing Nurse Practitioner at Boston Medical Center. Kettie is committed to continuing nursing education in Haiti, mentorship, and universal access to cervical screening and to the HPV vaccination. Kettie is an EqualHealth board member, where she contributes to nurse training programs and research on nursing education in Haiti. She is co-leader of EqualHealth’s Women’s Leadership Roundtable.

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Nadia Raymond, RN, BSN, MSN/ MHA, is a critical care nurse and a Manager of Professional Development at BWH. Nadia was awarded BWH’s Mairead Hickey fellowship in 2016, focusing on leadership, mentorship and strengthening organizational systems. She has extensive disaster relief experience, responding in Haiti after the earthquake and during the 2015 cholera outbreak. She is a leader in nursing development and education in Haiti through her work with both EqualHealth and Partners In Health. She is co-leader of EqualHealth’s Women’s Leadership Roundtable.