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Partner-Driven Medical Education Opportunities

Partner-Driven medical education opportunities

At EqualHealth, we invest in human potential.

We believe that Haitian medical professionals are the most well-equipped to make Haiti's healthcare system stronger in the long run. We also recognize that many Haitian providers do not have access to the same range of trainings, materials, and opportunities as their peers in other countries. We strive to close this gap by providing a variety of resources to ensure that our Haitian colleagues are able to provide their patients with best care possible. 

Visiting Professor Program

Since 2011, the Visiting Professor Program has provided our Haitian colleagues access to the same range of educational opportunities and cutting-edge knowledge as their peers in other countries. This program matches international experts with schools and hospitals in Haiti that are interested in their specific areas of teaching expertise, with the Visiting Professor then teaching a 1-2 week course at the host institution. 

Physician and Nurse Training

We continually strive to create resources for Haitian medical professionals that are easily accessible, relevant to the issues they face, and in the appropriate language. These resources include online case discussions, educational modules, and connections to mentors.