To continue to grow and thrive, Haiti's medical system needs more than great doctors--it needs great leaders. EqualHealth works with the next generation of health professionals in Haiti and around the world to create a cadre of informed and thoughtful leaders who are equipped to transform the system from within.

Social Medicine Course
Marshall Wolf Medical Education Fellowship

Effective teachers and mentors are a key piece of a sustainable medical education system. At EqualHealth, we help Haitian medical professionals develop the teaching skills they need to be excellent teachers as well as providers. We also strive to encourage knowledge sharing and the transfer of best practices by connecting professionals with their peers from around the country and the world. 

Teach the Teacher Model
Annual Haitian Medical Education Conference

At EqualHealth, we invest in human potential.

We believe that Haitian medical professionals are the most well-equipped to make Haiti's healthcare system stronger in the long run. We also recognize that many Haitian providers do not have access to the same range of trainings, materials, and opportunities as their peers in other countries. We strive to close this gap by providing a variety of resources to ensure that our Haitian colleagues are able to provide their patients with best care possible.

Visiting Professor Program
Physician and Nurse Training

Kreyol Classes: Boston-based instruction and tutoring for Kreyol learners in Boston and Miami.

Advocacy: A public voice working on state-directed national water infrastructure in Haiti
Social Medicine Consortium: An international collaboration reimaging teaching, research and advocacy in social medicine