TEACH THE TEACHER Formation des Formateurs 

A training program devised by EqualHealth, Teach the Teacher (T3) is dedicated to helping Haitian doctors and nurses become the best teachers they can be by providing participants with a foundation in the principles of effective education. Teach the Teacher piloted at HUM and will expand to other EqualHealth partners sites. 

As in many developing countries, inadequate numbers and training of health personnel contribute to poor health outcomes in Haiti.  Accordingly, the Haitian medical establishment has identified the expansion and development of training programs as a high priority, and programs like the University Hospital of Mirebalais (HUM) are now offering Haiti’s next generation of health professionals access to innovative training opportunities to address these challenges.

Recognizing that Haiti’s medical educators may have limited experience with the supervision and instruction of trainees, yet to offer Haiti’s people consistently high-quality care, Haitian medical educators must be prepared to meet the challenge of training a new generation of clinicians and teachers as effectively as possible.




Developed with input from education professionals and clinician-educators from the US and Haiti colleagues, T3 is an innovative curriculum designed to provide participants with the skills they will need to optimize their trainees’ learning experiences.

The didactic component of the program offers a series of lectures and workshops with both introductory and advanced presentations. This is paired with direct observation of faculty engaging in their daily teaching followed by feedback sessions.



Effective small group teaching techniques
How to give an interactive lecture
Strategies for managing teaching rounds
Guidance for effective Powerpoint presentations



"This course gives me a better approach and a better idea of how the residents can be  approached, especially in a training university hospital."

“All program directors would benefit from this course.”