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Training Modules

Supporting Haitian medical professionals to be the most effective providers possible 

Computer-Based Modules

Most currently-available CME materials focus on the health problems of high-resource countries and propose treatment plans involving diagnostic and therapeutic modalities that are often unavailable in resource-limited settings like Haiti.  In response, EqualHealth is developing a set of computer-based, interactive modules that teach best possible practices for a range of common conditions suggested to us by Haitian providers, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Our focus is to develop materials that are evidence-based, appropriate for the resources available to our Haitian colleagues, pertinent to the diseases and presentations they deal with, and in the appropriate language (in this case, French).

View the current modules on Harvard Medical School’s CME site. Currently available are:

-Limited Resource Setting Management of Outpatient Diabetes

-Neonatal Nutrition in Resource-Limited Settings

-Prenatal Care in Low-Income Countries: Prevention and Screening for Maternal Anemia and Malaria

-Stroke Management in Low-Resource Settings

-*NEW* Resource Limited Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure

Additionally, we are working with the Consortium of Universities for Global Health to translate their “Reasoning without Resources” case discussions into French. These modules treat common health problems in low-resource countries. Check back soon for the French versions.

Online Case Discussion Forum

We have organized online case discussions through an online community hosted by the Global Health Delivery Project.  In just over one year of partnership, over 94 Haitian physicians have participated in 67 case discussions.

Travel support for Haitian physicians 

EqualHealth provides travel grants to selected Haitian physicians to enable them to participate in high-yield medical conferences abroad.  We also work to foster presentation and other academic opportunities for our Haitian colleagues. To date, EqualHealth has supported our partner physicians’ attendance at conferences in Boston, Massachusetts and New Haven, Connecticut.

Basic Life Support Training

We have begun to organize American Heart Association-certified Basic Life Support training courses for our partner institutions in Haiti. The first of these courses was held in May 2012 at St. Boniface Hospital.

Nursing protocol development

EqualHealth members have been actively involved in an ongoing effort to develop the nursing curriculum at St. Boniface Hospital. So far, EqualHealth has completed eight nursing protocols for St. Boniface Hospital and is currently working with St. Boniface staff on revisions. The revised protocols are being shared with other Haitian hospitals while additional protocols are developed for St. Boniface.
Based on the successes of the nursing protocol development at St. Boniface Hospital, we are currently initiating a similar education partnership with nursing staff at Hôpital Albert Schweitzer.
Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities to help us develop nursing protocols.